TFTSR #10 Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview

The name say’s it all. In this show we are digging into the new preview release from Microsoft of Windows Server 2012 R2. I hope you enjoy this first look at the new OS. If you would like to watch the video content please visit my You Tube channel.

TFTSR #9 Active Directory

In tonights show we will talk about the proper way to setup Active Directory. Remember it is a directory now a junk yard! Please check out my Windows Server online classes at: Thanks for tuning into the show.

TFTSR #8 Backups

In tonights show we talked about a lot of different backup solutions. I will guide you to the best possible backup for your servers and workstations. Please support this show using my Amazon link on my site: Thanks for tuning into the shows.

TFTSR #6 Switchs and Fiber

During this show we talk about using Switches versus Hubs. We then talk about Managed and UnManaged gear and the difference. Please visit my site to view the pictures To sign up for the online class visit: Also please subscribe. Thanks for tuning in to the shows.  

TFTSR #5 Firewalls and NATS

During this show we talked about firewalls and learned more about static routes. We then dove into learning about fire walling based on port numbers. Please subscribe and comment on the shows home page:

TFTSR #4 Network Crashes

During this podcast we dig into network issues and how to solve them. You need to do a good network assessment to really look into your network. Please comment on these podcasts at:


In this podcast we will learn about using DNS and what it is used for. We will then dig into DHCP and learn about static addresses. Please visit: for great Windows Server 2008 and 2012 courses. And visit to comment.