TFTSR #20 Stories From The Trenches

In tonights show I wanted bring you two short stories from the trenches. Those viruses that just won’t go away. And the fiber that just would not link. Remember if you would like to signup for my Server or VMWare courses please visit: Thanks for tuning into the shows.

TFTSR #18 Network Security Policy

During this show I bring you a story and work from the trenches. As I was working for one of my clients on security and policy writing I wanted to bring this information back to you. I hope you enjoy the show. Please call my voice mail with any questions

TFTSR #17 DNS Issues

In this show I walk you through an issue we have been having in our DNS servers that just started today. I also talk you through the steps to trouble shoot such a issue. We then talk about Open DNS and how it can save the day. If you want

TFTSR #16 Core Installs

In this show we talk about Core Installs and why you would want to install windows server in this manner. We also dig into the roles and services that Core will handle for you. In you want to check out my online classes please visit: