TFTSR #72 Exchange to Office 365

With everyone rushing to the cloud and off loading in house servers for hosted services we find email servers moving to the cloud. What we will be talking about tonight is ways of moving our in house exchange servers to the Office 365 cloud. I then give you my thoughts


In today’s world of technology knowing to much is never enough. In tonights show we will be digging into a few topics. Setting up multiple NICs and why with RDP. Backing up our virtual machines for a raining day. And last off is viruses and a quick time saving tip

TFTSR #70 Backups and Disaster Recovery

In this show I will be teaching you about way to back up and save money. We will also be digging into disaster recovery plans. Tonight Links: NetResView SQL Backups BitTorrentSync You Tube channel at: Please check out out web site at: Thanks for tuning into the show.

TFTSR #69 Thin Clients and Servers

During this show we are talking about thin clients and server based workstations. Wouldn’t it be nice to manage a server instead of many workstations? If you think you can’t do this then tune into this show so that I can help you out. Thin Station You Tube channel at: