TFTSR #48 NLB Network Load Balancing

In this show we are going to dig into load balancing your web services. We will be talking about NLB or Network Load Balancing from Microsoft. Here are some links from this show that we talked about. Our Live Stream Events the show will be LIVE each Tuesday night at

TFTSR #47 Data Engines

During this show I will share with you my knowledge of data engines. We will dig into setting up the data engine as well as moving data sets from one server to another. We will also dig into backing up your databases. If you want to learn about Windows Server

TFTSR #46 Network Monitoring

In our world of network wires, switches and servers we need to keep an eye on the shop and this means network monitoring tools. I like using network packet capturing software. Check out the links here and try more then one tool and find the one that works right for

TFTSR #45 Wireless Networking

In this show I will talk about wireless networking. We go over access points and controllers. I also dig into why it is better to use cloud based controllers over in house boxes. We then dive into wireless security and my feeling on how and why and why not to