TFTSR #52 WSUS and Windows Updates

In tonights show I wanted to share with you how you can automate your Windows updates and how you can control what is going into your workstations. Check out my site at: WSUS on TechNet Group Policies I hope you enjoy the show!

TFTSR #51 VLANS Why And When

During this show we will dig into using VLANS and I will be talking about when and where we would need to think about using VLANS. We will also talk about why we don’t just subnet? I hope you enjoy the show. Please send me feedback or topics for further

TFTSR #50 From The Trenches

In today’s show I wanted to bring you some tips and tricks from my recent clients job. I will be digging into VPN clients, DHCP and Cable and DSL modems. We will also be talking about wireless access points and understanding where all of the packets are going. I hope

TFTSR #49 Windows Deployment Services

In this show we will be talking about imaging your computers using WDS or Windows Deployment Services. At the end of this show I will give talk to you about some FREE tools for imaging your Windows computers and workstations. Tech Net WDS Norton Ghost Commercial Tool FREE OPEN SOURCE