TFTSR #68 Buying A New Server

During this show we talk about getting donated equipment, repurposing equipment to another role then we dig into how to design and buy a new server. Tool of the Week AD Bulk Users Configuring and Buying a new Server White Paper You Tube channel at: Please check out out

TFTSR #67 Print Server Permissions

During this show we will be continuing from last week about print servers. This show will teach you about how to assign permissions to users and groups on your printers. We will also be talking about moving from one print server to another. New for tonights show you can watch

TFTSR #66 Print Servers

In this show we will be learning how to setup a print server. We will also learn how to add printers to the print server. I will also tell you my thoughts about using USB printers on your local servers. We will begin this show by talking about allowing or