TFTSR #65 DNS Resource Records

In this show world of DNS Resource Records. To run any network these day’s we need to understand and be able to control and write our own DNS Resource Records and Zone Files. This show will help you do just that. Many Types of DNS Records Please check out out

TFTSR #64 Server Licensing

In this show we will first listen to a voice mail asking about Windows Server 2012 and permissions to client computers. The next voice mail is talking about DNS. We then dig into an email and talk about Server Licensing. This is a deep topic and I hope everyone learns

TFTSR #63 VPN and Packets

In tis show we are digging into the world of VPN’s and how they will allow you to bring out laying LAN’s into your central LAN. Managing your networks just got a little easier. We also will be looking at ways to stream line your networking duties. Please check out

TFTSR #62 Virtual Servers VM

In tonights show we are digging into why and also some easy ways to use Virtual Machines. We will also complete our talk about a few remaining networking terms. Please check out out web site at: Thanks for tuning into the show. Our voice number: 724-701-0550 To learn all

TFTSR #61 Networking Terms

In tonight’s show I thought we would step back a minute and dig into some terms of networking. We all do this stuff everyday, but did you ever stop and refresh your terminology? Special thanks to Martin for the EMail response about last weeks show. Please check out out web