TFTSR #153 Work Smarter Not Harder

During this show I first give you an update on work and the upcoming move. Next I talk about how I been digging into programming to make my life easier and allows me to work smarter. Download VS Code Online Windows Server Courses: Please check out out web site

TFTSR #152 Let’s Talk Home Networking

If this show is reaching anyone out there then WELCOME! Tonight I am going to talk about the home network and how they have grown over the years. I am also going to get into some ideas about working from home. Online Windows Server Courses: Please check out out

TFTSR #151 Not Happy Then Get Out!

Tonight we will talk about learning ways to program and how it will help you in your daily life working. I hate tasks that I have to do over and over so I automate them. Also how many IP addresses do you need? We are talking about routable addresses. Online

TFTSR #150 Moving Locations and Automation

I really don’t enjoy having to move work locations but when the boss says move I am standing up to the challenge. And I want to talk about the importance of automation. Online Windows Server Courses: Please check out out web site at: Tips From The Server Room Sign


During this show I give you some insight into my daily life as a Technology Manager. We will also dig into the world of Syslog Servers and how they are helping me. Free Syslog Servers: Online Windows Server Courses: Please check out out web site at: Tips From

TFTSR #148 Thoughts of Certifications

I was asked to give my thoughts on certifications. I also give you some other ideas of continued technology education that will help you to always stay up to date. Sorry no video tonight. I am having some issues with my camera and recording software. Udemy: Online Windows Server

TFTSR #147 Security and Log Files

In this show I want to get us thinking more about security and how to better protect our networks and users. We will also be getting into looking at logs and why they are so important. Please check out the video of tonights show at: Online Windows Server Courses:

TFTSR #146 Cloud Services

Little late I will explain. Tonight we are talking about cloud based services and how they can help your business in many more ways then just servers. I will also give you a story from work and how we are trying to fix it. Online Windows Server Courses: Please

TFTSR #145 Inheriting Linux Servers

I thought I would talk tonight about walking into a job and finding out you know have Linux servers to worry about. Don’t be afraid I will give you some great insight on how to handle your new role. Online Windows Server Courses: Please check out out web site


Using a NAS or a SAN will allow you to add drive space to your network without opening a server or adding the cost of some large array. In this show we will talk about using each one and how it will fit into your network. Online Windows Server Courses: