Show Ideas

This is a page as stated by the title I will be working on some ideas maybe for upcoming topics? I would also like to have everyone who watches and listens to this show give me feedback and ideas for future shows.

  1. We may dig into a core install and teach how to set up our server from the command line.
  2. Cisco firewalls and how I like to program from the command line.
  3. VPN the easy way to connect your outside teams to the servers.
  4. EMail servers should we keep it in house or farm it out to the cloud?
  5. Cat 5 or Cat 6 and making network cables.
  6. Network testing gear and some software tools.
  7. Linux server and how we can use it in our network.
  8. LDAP and what it is should we be concerned?
  9. Remote desktop services and how we can use to save us money.
  10. Documenting a network, the path to staying sane.
  11. Inventory control.



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